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PROINVAL, leading company in the field of control and handle of fluids.

Proinval is a family business founded in the eighties, a leader in the development, management and construction of rotary pumps, hydraulic valves and complementary components. With its five customers attention point offices at national level and presence in over forty countries worldwide, guarantees the best service in the relevant sectors.

Today´s brilliant company career would not have been possible without those first steps of the founder, Mr. César García in the business unit dedicated exclusively to the distribution of the industrial pumps for the oil sector. The first step was the commercialization of rotary positive displacement pumps, the second extension of its application in the fields of Oil & Gas Industry, Marine and Chemistry. The development of a unique division specializing in the manufacture and commercialization of valves for fluid networks, focusing on industrial and air conditioning was made parallel.

In the late nineties, the commitment of constant reinvention of the company is felt again. That is reflected through a significant step, when the company moves to a key sector: water. It is there, where the main range of products is consolidated and focused its target in the treatment processes of drinking water and wastewater. PROINVAL is positioned as a leader in the manufacture of valves for the Water treatment pumping stations, Sanitation, Water Supply and Irrigation.

On 2007 significant change has been produced. That one was the key to reinforce the clear strategy of the company internationalization. Mr. Sergio García Palazón, became the new General manager of the Company. With him, the company consolidates the presence in the main sectors (water, industry, air) and puts in a daily commitment the quality and innovation of PROINVAL ´s product as so its internal processes. The improvement of the principal services offered to the market is done without neglecting enviromental and social commitments of the company.

Today, PROINVAL base its development on a dynamic team of highly qualified professionals, which combines youth and experience and whose main objective is to offer the best service to our customers located in over 40 countries .The company goal remains clear. Be the one of the leading reference in the field of control and fluid handling. Because PROINVAL always looks for doing it better with each professional of the field, and so making the development of each project easier to obtain better results and agility.
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