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Ultrasonic Battery Powered Flowmeters from Elis – Modern Technology Combined with Natural Beauty

Elis Nov 05, 2014 No Comments

Ultrasonic battery powered flowmeters from Elis

This is The Broadgate Tower in London. This skyscraper was built from 2005 to 2009 and currently it is the fourth highest building in the City of London. The great success of ELIS PLZEN a. s. was to deliver ultrasonic battery powered flowmeters  FLOMIC FL3085 dimensions DN300 and DN400 which were installed in primary cooling water systems. These flow meters also check the water supply for 23 trees planted inside and outside the Gallery, which add a relax atmosphere to this modern public place. ultrasonic battery powered flowmeters ELIS PLZEN a.s. won a tender on delivery of water meters and flow meters for piping sizes ranging from DN 150 to DN 600 as part of a water supply project in Saudi Arabia. The investor also selected battery-powered ultrasonic flow meters FLOMIC FL3085 because of their technical parameters and advantageous price. The flow meters delivered to the Saudi Arabia customer will become part of one of the largest projects of its kind comprising construction of drinking water supply lines to 63 villages in the desert region and 2 sewage-water treatment plants. elis ultrasonic battery powered flowmeters elis elis ultrasonic battery powered flowmeters