Flexible fixation brackets for stabilising magnetic level indicators

For over 50 years WEKA AG has been building and selling visual magnetic level indicators. Although or even
due to our long-lasting experience and specific knowhow, we never get tired to further optimise our
instruments and adapt them to requests from the market and our customers.
WEKA AG usually recommends fixation brackets for level gauges with a connection length of more than 2
meters. The main reason is to further stabilise long instruments mounted on a tank. The bracket is usually
welded on at a predetermined position from customer. Especially outside the stabilising effect is quite
significant where there could be unfavourable environmental or weather conditions.
Sometimes welded on fixation brackets may prove to be problematic for example when an existing tank
may not have any counter brackets mounted. Also when a new tank is still in planning, the end-user may
not yet know exactly where the positioning of brackets may be. In these cases a fixed location of our
brackets may be cumbersome.

flexible fixation brackets
Several times our customers suggested finding a solution for flexible fixation brackets. Instead of welding
brackets on to the indicator chamber, they could be mounted by using hose clamps as a gripping method.
This would allow a moving of the device up and down the float chamber at any time.
WEKA product management and design department took up this good idea and developed a new flexible
fixation bracket. The task was that the same bracket can be used for all level indicator models alike. After
extensive test we are happy to implement this development in to our standard range of goods.

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