Temperature Calibrators

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dpi_811_-_812 RTD Loop Calibrator

DPI 811 RTD Calibrator

The DPI 811 RTD Calibrator Measures or simulates RTD sensor and is the ideal tool for checking probes, indicators, recorders and controllers

Automatic Detection of Two-, Three- and Four-Wires Quickly detects faulty sensors and wiring

Pulsed RTD Transmitter Compatibility Simulation mode.



dpi_820_dual input thermocouple

DPI 820 Dual Input Thermocouple

DPI 820 Dual Input Thermometer Two sensor inputs, T1 and T2, allow individual measurement or simultaneous comparisons.  For differential applications; e.g. heating boiler bypass, T1 minus T2 can be displayed

Interchangeable Probes and Wide Thermocouple Compatibility Allow general temperature measurement or the use of special sensors for demanding applications; e.g. high temperature, hygienic and aggressive media



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