Explosion Venting


evdclarge At Fike, OIH, we know that safety is no accident. That’s why we provide simple, reliable explosion protection solutions for your growing safety needs. With over six decades of field experience and a team of in-house engineers, application specialists, and combustion researchers, we understand your industrial processes, relevant code compliance, and how critical continued plant operation is to you. Fike’s high quality vents can be installed easily – usually by your own personnel. There’s no maintenance. With Fike explosion vents and our full range of safety solutions, your plant stays up and running.                                                                      

Explosion Venting Product Guide





explosion-vent The CV, or Composite Vent, is a simple, reliable explosion vent. The flat CV layers stainless steel and fluoropolymer to create a high performance explosion vent which provides excellent service life for static to light pressure cycling and light vacuum conditions. fike_6

Circular Shape



FQIISQ Corp - transparant Designed for use with square/rectangular explosion vents, FlamQuench SQ technology consists of various layers of high temperature stainless steel which absorb heat produced during the combustion.


fv2 Designed for use in combination with round Fike explosion vents, theFlamQuench extinguishes the flame from the vented explosion, not allowing it to exit the device … where it could ignite secondary explosions or endanger personnel.


EleQuench-Flameless-Explosion-Venting-for-Grain-Elevators The EleQuench flame arrester is a flame filter companion to the EleGuard explosion vent – designed specifically for use on grain bucket elevator legs.



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