Industrial Rupture Disc Assemblies

32-inch-Disc-004-2 The LARGE ATLAS is a ground breaking industry solution where safety relief valves are not a viable alternative and holders with knife blades are no longer desired. fike_6
Axius Bursting Disc 005 - transparant Fike Corp Designed to be used in aggressive chemical and pharmaceutical applications, the reverse-acting Axius® rupture disc is available in corrosion-resistant materials and has the tightest tolerances available. fike_6
ATLAS-rupture-disc-product-image ATLAS offers higher pressure capability, while still featuring high performance benefits including a 95% operating ratio, liquid or vapor service, back pressure resistance and unrivaled cycling capability. Higher burst pressures of up to 1500 PSIG (103.42 BARG), makes ATLAS the endurance workhorse of the G2 Technology line of products. fike_6
ValveGuard-Product-Image When Fike rupture discs are used to isolate or GUARD your Pressure Relief VALVES (PRV) from process media and downstream contaminants, we refer to this as the VALVEGUARD concept. Affordable and effective in both vapor and liquid applications, Fike rupture discs are 100% leakage-proof and 100% bubbletight. (In fact, our standards for bubble-tightness far exceed industry regulations.) fike_6