Axius-SC-Product-Image The Axius® SC Rupture Disc is specifically designed for the stringent sanitary and aseptic requirements of the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. Free of any and all indentations, crevices or other design features that may trap process contaminants, the Axius SC CIP/SIP design also makes this rupture disc superior for use in food and beverage applications. fike_6
SR-H-Sanitary-Rupture-Disc-Product-Image The versatile SR-H is easy to clean (without removing the disc), non-fragmenting, uses no special rupture disc holder and can be used in either gas or liquid applications. fike_6
SHX-Sanitary-Rupture-Disc-Product-Image The SHX rupture disc is a forward acting, cross scored rupture disc, ideal for operation in liquid or gaseous systems, and designed for higher pressure applications. fike_6