GE Aerocal 7750i Laboratory Air Data test

For more than 30 years, GE Sensing have provided high precision Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) to the aerospace industry, airframe and component manufacturers for testing avionics instrumentation used on a variety of aircraft from fixed-wing to rotary to the space shuttle.  The AeroCal 7750i Air Data Test Set represents the latest generation ADTS incorporating a unique quartz sensor having unequalled precision and long term stability with the latest pressure control technology.  The AeroCal 7750i ADTS provides high performance measurement and control of all air data parameters.


adts_505 air data test set aircraft calibrators

GE ADTS 505 Air Data Test Set

The ADTS 505 is the latest in a series of reliable, compact and high accuracy Air Data Test Sets.  This flight line design has evolved as a result of GE's continuous research and development, customer feedback and experience gained from manufacturing thousands of automatic pressure controllers.  This has enabled performance, ease of maintenance, and operational simplicity to be optimized.

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adts_530 air data test set aircraft calibrators

GE ADTS 530 - Air Data Test Set

The ADTS 530 is a compact and portable air data test set ideal for flightline use.  This rugged solid state instrument features vibrating element transducer technology, providing high performance with a 12 month recalibration interval. Housed in a fiberglass case, the ADTS 530 contains all essential elements required of a rugged pitot static tester: high accuracy sensors, microprocessor driven electronics, clear LCD readout, operator driven valving for parameter setting and an efficient electric pressure/vacuum pump system.