Electromagnetic Flowmeters (Induction)

Industrial Flow meter

Flow 32
Flow 32
The FLOW 32 is small bore OEM Inductive flowmeter which has a minimum quantity requirement as it is almost always designed and modified to customer requirements . Lining material is PVDF . It also has Bluetooth and IO link communications .


Flow 33
The flow meter can be in full stainless design where the evaluation unit is located right on the flow meter sensor. The advantage: the possibility of using the meter in various technologies where the customer needs pulse or current signals from the meter for process management. Its applications can be found in all sorts of industries.


Flow 38
The flow meter is designed for a wide range of fluid measurements in various industries. Various process connections such as flange, sandwich (wafer), threaded and dairy fittings (DIN 11851) or clamp types are available.


Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Flow Meter 45

Battery powered flow meter This battery powered flow meter was developed
for placing in spaces without supply voltages and it is ideal to be fitted in main pipelines, drainage or various sewage conduits.


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