flolok SSP FlolokFrom its origination in 1960, FloLok® Valves have been manufactured to meet the highest quality and performance standards associated with the instrumentation, control, and process industry marketplace. The FloLok® product line was initiated and expanded in response to expressed needs for solutions in unique flow control applications. Out of its original beginnings of specialization, standard product lines became available to serve a wide variety of applications and customers.
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flolok eb

SSP FloLok EB Series

FloLok® EB series ball valves offer important improvements for the most popular valve design used in analytical instrumentation on and other medium pressure applications. These include:

• The industry’s first blowout proof stem standard design prevents accidental disassembly for improved safety

• Forged 316 Stainless Steel increases the structural integrity of the body

• One-piece packing encapsulates the trunnion style ball eliminating dead space to maximize purgeability for clean and accurate samples – available in all sizes

• Drop-in fi t design allows for easy replacement of Swagelok 40 Series valves

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FB series

FB Series ball valves

use a unique combination of features to provide leak-tight performance at high and low pressures and temperatures, high cycle-life, low maintenance, low actuating torque, and configuration flexibility.

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