Displacer Switches


  • Model A10/A15

  • Single Stage displacer switches utilize one electrical control mechanism and are factory calibrated.
  • Series A10 are wide differential units calibrated to actuate as a liquid level reaches a given displacer and to de-actuate when the level reaches a second displacer.
  • The minimum differential band is approximately 6 inches (152 mm) in water and varies somewhat with liquid specific gravity. The maximum differential is determined by the length of the displacer suspension cable.
  • Series A15 are calibrated to operate over a narrow level differential band and are ideally suited for liquid level alarm applications on either high or low level.
  • The operating level is fully adjustable simply by repositioning the displacer along its suspension cable. The differential band varies slightly with liquid specific gravity.




    • Dual Stage displacer switches utilize two electrically separate control mechanisms and are factory calibrated.
    • Series B10 are wide differential tandem units are factory calibrated with a choice of several operating sequences designed to meet virtually any application.
    • Series B15 are narrow differential tandem units with each switch actuating at a different level




  • Triple Stage displacer switches are designed to provide three electrically separate control signals in a selected sequence in response to liquid level changes.
  • Series C10 are wide differential units with a choice of several operating sequences combining wide and narrow level differential and are factory calibrated.
  • Series C15 are narrow level differential units.




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