Flame Arresters

flame arrester end of line
Flame Arrester – end of Line
Designed to stop unconfined deflagrations and protect against fire by external sources due to design available with weatherhood which will be installed on the vent vacuum inlet upon request. This Arresters elements are made of corrugated strips coiled into circular element housing.
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flame arrester in line
Flame Arrester in-line
The in-line flame arrester is fitted with two body connectors, one on each side of the flame arrester housing element, preventing flame transmission when flammable gas/air mixtures are present.The intended function is to allow flow but prevent the transmission of a flame.The Bi-directional design prevents flame transmission from both sides.
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special flame arrester
Special Features

A detonation flame arrester is used in all cases where sufficient “run-up” distance exists for a detonation to develop, depending on the length of piping and pipe configuration on the unprotected side of the arrester and the restrictionon the protected side of the arrester.

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