electric_actuator_ava_1  electric_actuator_ava_cutaway_0 Non-Intrusive Design Double-Sealed Structure Accurate Torque Measurement (Patent) Reliable Electronic System Precise Valve Position Measurement Phase Lost Protection Intelligent Protection During Valve Jams High-Definition LCD Motor Overheating Protection Safe and Reliable Protection Automatic Phase Correction and Adjustment Instantaneous Reversal Protection Indication and Monitoring Contacts Backup Battery Analogue Folomatic Control (Option) Field bus Control Function (Option) Remote Indication of Valve PositionThe Internal Structure of AVA actuator1.  Torque Measurement Greatork actuator which adopts precise pressure sensor can have fast and accurate detecting of output shaft torque. 2.  Motor and Drive Greatork three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor designed by advanced special software can work in extreme environments with F class insulation.  The motor shaft and worm shaft are separate in order to facilitate rapid replacement.  Worm and worm shaft are immerged in lubricant to fit temperature change. 3.  Terminal Compartment Separately sealed terminal compartment can make sure of the integrity of the electrical control part even when the terminal compartment cover is removed for site wiring. 4.  Thrust Base Models below AVA06 are fitted with lubricated, removable type 'A' thrust base.  Actuators can be removed without changing valve position.  AVA07 and above models' thrust bases are integrated with enclosure.  Simple and removable drive bushing can be machined to fit valve stem. 5.  Valve Position Counter Greatork discards traditional potentiometer to measure valve position and introduce hall incremental encoder to improve the position accuracy. 6.  Local Control Local control switch (Local/stop/Remote) and pushbuttons are magnetic switches without penetrating shafts and control the actuator by internal magnetic reed.  It can meet the requirements of tight seal and damp-proof. 7.  Infrared Setting Infrared setting tool can set and diagnose actuator through sealed indication window without removing the electric cover.  The communication distance between setting tool and window is within 0.75 meters. 8.  Manual Operation The hand wheel (or independently geared hand wheel on larger size) can be directly driven with low speed padlockable hand/auto clutch to provide reliable emergency manual operation in the event of a power supply failure.  Manual operation has lost motion "hammer blow" affect, which will facilitate easy valve operation. greatork_logo
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AVAR Range Electric Actuator

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The Internal Structure of AVAR Actuator

1.  Liquid crystal display Dot Matrix LCD with blue backlight can clearly show Chinese or English menu.  Real-time valve position, torque valve, actuator current status and fault information will also be shown.  At the bottom of the screen, there are three high brightness diodes which can indicate open, close and middle position of valve. 2.  Main board The adoption of SOC chip and high integrated circuit design provide actuator with multiple functions such as fault detection, self-protection and alarm.  Therefore, the reliability of actuator is improved. 3.  Valve position control Hall absolute encoder driven by main shaft can measure the valve position accurately. 4.  Button There is four buttons called local/remote/menu button, open/plus button, and close/minus bottom and stop/enter button on the actuator.  User can set up various functions of actuator easily with these buttons. 5.  Motor Greatork uses high torque, low inertia squirrel cage motor with F class enamel-insulated wire and two internal thermal switches. 6.  Power supply board The electronic components used to control motor, power supply and other parts are integrated on the power supply board. 7.  Hand wheel Actuator has a hand wheel, which can operate the valve by user when power is off.  The dimension of the hand wheel is designed for labor saving. 8.  Handle Turning the handle can switch the actuator to manual status when manual operation is needed. 9.  Worm and worm shaft Two-stage worm reducer has large transmission ratio, low noise (50dB is the highest) and self-lock functions. 10.  Clutch Clutch is used to switch manual and electric operation. 11.  Base The installation dimension of the base conforms to ISO5211 standard and the drive bush can be machined according to the requirement of user. 12.  Terminal compartment The double-seal design of the terminal compartment can protect the internal electric components from the outside hazardous gas during site wiring.