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ball valves The AS-Schneider Group with its headquarters in Germany is one of the World’s Leading Manufacturers of Instrumentation
Valves and Manifolds. AS-Schneider offers a large variety of Ball Valves and the relevant Accessories required for instrumentation installations globally.
Selection can be made from a comprehensive range of bodies with a variety of connections and material options, optimizing installation and access opportunities.

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cv3000 ball valve

CV3000 Series

Characterized Insert Control Valves. The CV3000 Series can be fitted with a wide range of v-style inserts for precision throttling control. The inserts are paced in a machined groove in the end cap behind the upstream seat to characterize the flow. The v-style insert is placed on the inlet side of the valve to protect the seat from high velocities, which can occur while controlling flow. The ball sits between two soft seats, ensuring low torque with a bubble-tight shut off. The insert is designed to change flow characteristics of the valve and is offered in different configurations to meet a variety of modulating applications.
The characterized insert control valve gives accurate control through the valve stroke to meet flow conditions. Different insert shapes will affect the flow rate, capacity, and inherent flow curves.





The features offered in these valves include everything today’s customers demand from trunnion style valves. The most significant advantage to you   —you can be assured that design evaluation and testing has been conducted to ensure a product of which you can be proud and will work in demanding applications.
Optional Features & Configurations:
 Cavity Drain: Body Fitting
 Sealant Injection: Emergency Seal Recovery
 Double Block & Bleed: Body Pressure Bleed / Media Sampling Capability



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MS3000 series

The MS3000 Series is a heavy duty, metal seated ball valve engineered for high pressure and temperature applications with an extended bonnet standard for pipe insulation and enhanced packing.

*  Size 1/4″ through 2″ and 3″ x 2″ (sch. 160 pipe bore)
*  For applications with pressures to 990 psi (69 bar); temperatures to 1000°F (538°C).  Ideal for condensate, steam or gas service
*  Wide variety of end connections
*  The metal seats are identical upstream and downstream and can be interchanged during routine maintenance thereby extending the effective life.
*  Available with ANSI Class VI shutoff.




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