Shut Off Valves


Globe Type Shut Off Valve

The VKINx 11. High Pressure Stop Valve incorporates state-of-the-art technology in an easy to operate and maintain design that can be advantageously used for most high pressure and temperature applications.  A choice of materials of construction covers a wide range for most application, from cryogenic to superheated steam and for most chemicals and gases.  Choices are also offered in the block design for other materials and configurations. The welded body/bonnet, is machined with high quality and accuracy.  Design features such as the unique plug/seat geometry and stuffing box design allow these valves to operate for extended period of time without the commonly occurring problems like gland leakage and passing.


piston_valve_0 piston_valve3_0 Zero leakageThe Piston Valve is a seatless and glandless valve. At the heart of the Piston Valve are the Piston and Sealing Rings.  A burnished piston seals against metal reinforced graphite rings to achieve leak proof shutoff.  This unique design ensures, long life even at high temperatures - up to 425°C.Superior Features:* Burnished Piston and metal reinforced graphite sealing rings * Class VI shutoff i.e. bubble tight shut off * Minimum inventory of spares * Low co-efficient of friction and low operating torque * TUV certified ISO 9001 company * C R N Approved CRN No. 0C112885, 0C1128852 * P E D Approved Certificate No. 072021423Z0175/7/Din * Applications - Steam, Heat Transfer Fluid, Superheated Steam, L.P.G., Ammonia, Compressed Air forbes_marshall_1