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Compact data logger for compressed-air systems metpoint_bdl_compact_data-logger In 2013 BEKO TECHNOLOGIES introduced the METPOINT® BDL data logger. Now it´s „little brother“, the METPOINT® BDL compact , is released. The METPOINT® BDL compact data logger allows for the connection of 2 - 4 transducers or sensors in a user-defined manner. With pressure transducers, for example, or with pressure dew point transmitters, volume-flow sensors, temperature sensors, clip-on ammeters, etc. Four limit values on the whole can be freely defined and assigned to two different alarm relays. At the device, the measured values are indicated on a 3.5" colour display with a zoomable touch panel. It allows for tabular, graphic, and combined presentations. Saving potentials become transparent via daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Any exceeded limits are highlighted in red. An early detection of deviation from set parameters secures highest precision and process safety. With a weight of only 3.5 kilos and a housing made of powder-coated aluminium, the METPOINT® BDL compact compact can be integrated easily into existing and new compressed-air systems. A connection to a server for networking with other systems is optionally possible. Due to the employment temperature of up to 50°C, installation points close to the production areas do not pose an obstacle to the METPOINT data logger. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES develops, manufactures and distributes products and systems for optimised compressed-air and compressed-gas quality throughout the world. From the processing of compressed air and compressed gases through filtration and drying, via proven condensate technology to instruments for quality supervision and measurement. From the small compressed-air application to demanding process technology. Since its founding, the independent, family-run company with its headquarters in Neuss, Germany, and 5 global production sites has decisively influenced the development of compressed-air technology metpoint_bdl_compact_260_02 via Compact data logger for compressed-air systems | BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH Germany.

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Prevention is better than cure Posted by: Kim JansenMay 22, 2014Leave a Comment South Africa’s wetlands are highly protected ecosystems, particularly if your business is mining. The same however cannot be said for the country’s vast pan ecosystems, which if neglected and polluted will have devastating impacts on local biodiversity in the long-term, Jeffares & Green’s senior aquatic scientist Dr Martin Ferreira tells Laura Cornish. According to Ferreira, pans are classified as wetlands in South Africa, but have been neglected in terms of research and monitoring when compared to other wetland ecosystems. By definition they are isolated, ephemeral shallow depressions, drawing water from rainfall and subsurface flows as they have no connection with a water inlet or outlet system. Their lifespans are cyclical, losing their water (over varying periods of time) through evaporation. Because of these characteristics, pans are often restricted to arid regions with complete desiccation occurring seasonally. Although generally restricted to the drier western parts of South Africa, pans are also present in the eastern Highveld region where rainfall often exceeds 750 mm a year. This has seen a large volume of pans emerge over centuries in Mpumalanga – South Africa’s largest coal mining region. via Prevention is better than cure |

Magnetrol Releases Eclipse Model 706 Transmitter with FOUNDATION fieldbusTM

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Magnetrol® is pleased to announce the immediate sales release of the Eclipse® Model 706 transmitter with Foundation fieldbus™ digital output communications. This is the first guided wave radar (GWR) transmitter to pass the Fieldbus Foundation testing using the latest Foundation fieldbus interoperability test kit ITK 6.1.1. This device offers all of the advantages of the standard 4-20 mA (HART) ECLIPSE Model 706, such as:

Eclipse706• Improved Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) • Improved diagnostics (meets NAMUR NE 107) • Full complement of Overfill-capable probes

This new ECLIPSE Model 706 transmitter will contain the following Function Blocks:

• (1) Resource Block (RB) • (3) Transducer Blocks (TB) • (8) Analog Input Blocks (AI) • (2) PID Blocks • (1) Arithmetic Block (AR) • (1) Input Selector (IS) • (1) Signal Characterizer Block (SC) • (1) Integrator Block (IT)

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Steriflow Video

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Water and Waste Water Treatment

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