Flare Gas Mass Flow Meters

GE Measurement and Control May 10, 2016 No Comments
 gf868 banner flow meters
DigitalFlow™ GF868 and XGF868i ultrasonic flow meters use patented Correlation Transit-Time™ technique and signal processing for the most accurate method of calculating molecular weight. Add to these the inherent advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement—reliability with no routine maintenance, high accuracy, fast response and wide rangeability—and GF868 and XGF868i flow meters are the clear choices for flare gas applications.
digitalflow gf868 flow meters

DigitalFlow™ GF868 Flare Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter

digitalflowxgf868i flow meters

DigitalFlow™ XGF868i Flare Gas Ultrasonic Transmitter

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Magnetrol May 06, 2016 No Comments

magnetrol Radar Transmitter Pulsar R96

Magnetrol’s newest level control solution radar transmitter delivers best-in-class accuracy and reliability magnetrol radar transmitter pulsar radar transmitter Magnetrol International, a leading level and flow instrumentation manufacturer, has launched the Pulsar® Model R96 non-contacting radar transmitter (NCR) for accurate, reliable level control in process applications. Virtually unaffected by the presence of vapors or air movement within a vessel’s free space, the two-wire, loop-powered, 6 GHz NCR transmitter measures a wide variety of liquid media in process conditions ranging from calm product surfaces and water-based media to turbulent surfaces and aggressive hydrocarbon media. The PULSAR Model R96 offers state-of-the-technology performance, offering: - Best-in-class signal processing for exceptional accuracy and reliability - An extensive measurement range, from 20 meters to 40 meters - Advanced diagnostics with automatic waveform capture - A powerful device type manager (DTM) with industry-leading field configuration and troubleshooting capabilities - SIL 2 Capable levels and a 92.7% SFF - HART® and FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus digital output This latest NCR unit joins the company’s ground-breaking Eclipse® Model 706 guided wave radar (GWR) transmitter to offer process industries a complete portfolio of advanced radar technologies for level control solutions. For information about the new PULSAR Model R96 NCR transmitter, visit radar.magnetrol.com or contact a MAGNETROL representative.