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Welcome To The LowFlow Valves Blog!

Welcome to the LowFlow Valves Blog!  LowFlow is one of six Richards Industries brands.  Richards, an American manufacturer, is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  LowFlow Valve is a leading manufacturer of high pressure, low flow, high temperature and cryogenic control valves, high pressure regulators and accessories. lowflow valves My name is Mike Theobald, LowFlow Valve Product Manager. I will be the lead blogger with help from a variety of guest bloggers.  Debbie Ziemba, our LowFlow Valve Project Engineer, our Regional Sales Managers and several others will also contribute. The goal of our blog is to provide high quality, useful content regarding facts and applications on all of our LowFlow product lines. In the weeks and months to come, we will discuss interesting product applications, capabilities, sizing, selection, advantages, industry standards and more.  We will also discuss interesting facts, events and trends taking place in the many industries that are important to your business. You can also communicate with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We are excited about getting started, and hope you are too!  We will be back later this week.   Mike Theobald, LowFlow Valve Product Manager

SSP New Product Announcement

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ssp new product announcement

made in usa

EB Series Encapsulate Ball Valve

SSP is proud to introduce the new EB series Encapsulated Ball Valve. With unique features like its blowout proof stem to maximize safety, and one-piece packing - in all sizes - to ensure reliable and representative samples.

In addition, its forged one-piece body minimizes leak paths and offers you a choice in end connections, including all popular tube fitting configurations. Plus, the 'drop in fit' design allows for easy replacement. FloLok EB Series Encapsulated Ball Valves are part of the growing family of FloLok instrumentation valves.  They are ideal valves for analytical instrumentation sampling, control systems, and other medium-pressure applications. EB Series ball valves use one-piece encapsulating packing to ensure leak-tight operation and provide positive shutoff in high- low- and dynamic pressure applications.  The encapsulating PTFE packing eliminates dead space to reduce purging time and improve system cleanliness. EB Series ball valves also feature an innovative packing retainer that prevents the stem from blowing out when making inline packing adjustments. flolok valves
  • Temperature: -65 to 300° F
  • Pressure: vacuum to 3000 psig
  • Configuration: 2-way, 3-way, angle and special patterns
  • Body Materials: 316 SS,
  • brass Orifices:  0.93, 0.125, and 0.187, 0.281, and 0.406 in.
  • Packing Material: Modified PTFE
  • Meets design pressure calculations of ASME B31.1, and B31.3
End Connection Types: Duolok, Unilok and Griplok tube fittings, NPT, BSPT  Sizes: 1/16 and 3/4 in. (3 to 12 mm) 


Blowout Proof Stem -  Innovative packing retainer prevents dissembly of the packing nut Inline/Online Packing Adjustment - Packing retainer allows safer inline packing adjustments even when the system is under pressure
Live-Loaded Encapsulating Packing
Eliminates dead space - Supports faster, easier, and more complete purging. Cleaner systems mean better samples  Provides positive shutoff in both low and high pressure Extends maintenance cycles - High-performance PTFE material withstands higher temperatures and is more durable than standard PTFE Reduces actuation torque One-Piece Forged Valve Body - Reduces leak points and the likelihood of inter-granular leaks and corrosion Remote Sensor Pockets -  Allows position sensor to be mounted in handles Durable Handles - 316 SS handle inserts provide greater handle strength and chemical compatibility. Handles are available in a variety of colors 100% Factory Testing - All Encapsulated Ball Valves are tested with Nitrogen up to 1000 psig prior to shipment.  

Fike is proud to announce the release of the ValvExTM Passive Explosion Isolation Valve

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The ValvExTM Passive Explosion Isolation Valve is specifically designed for explosion protection applications. Several years of dedicated research resulted in unique insights into mechanisms of explosion propagation and efficiency of passive explosion isolation devices. This new product was named ValvExTM and have the following product unique features: fike_corporation_valvex_passive_explosion_isolation   ▶▶ Minimal pressure drop ▶▶ Minimal dead spaces, preventing dust drop out ▶▶ Integrated seal ▶▶ Self resetting ▶▶ Minimum maintenance requirements ▶▶ Compact, small installation dimensions ▶▶ Prevents any re-entrainment when the process flow is stopped ▶▶ Designed for low cost of ownership ▶▶ Ease of inspection even while in operation ▶▶ ATEX certified ▶▶ Aids conforming to legal requirements (ATEX, NFPA, ...)

OIH is appointed exclusive distributor for USA based company , SSP Instrumentation

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SSP logo SSP manufactures stainless steel tube fittings, pipe fittings, valves and other instrumentation products that meet all industry standards while significantly improving the user installation and replacement process. Our goal is to be the installer’s supplier of choice.    

Duolok® Tube Fittings

Duolok staDuolok Tube Fitting inless steel tube fittings feature low-torque, two-ferrule design provides fast and reliable leak-tight connections, even in systems having high vibration or rapid temperature and pressure fluctuations.  They are designed and manufactured to interchange and intermix with Swagelok® tube fittings.

Unilok® Tube Fittings

Unilok Stainless Steel Tube FittingsUnilok stainless steel tube fittings single-ferrule design provides fast and reliable connections in analytical and process instrumentation systems and system and process systems.  They are designed and manufactured to interchange and intermix with Parker® CPI tube fittings.

Griplok® Tube Fittings

Griplok Tube Fittings Griplok stainless steel tube fitting's two-ferrule design provides leak-tight reliability in instrumentation and control systems, and process systems.  They are designed and manufactured to interchange and intermix with Hoke Gyrolok® tube fittings. 

TruFit® Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings and Weld Fittings

TruFit Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting - Weld Fitting Elbow TruFit® pipe fittings, weld fittings, and adapter fittings are designed and manufactured to provide reliable connections in instrumentation and process piping systems.  Brass, Monel®, Hastalloy-C®, and stainless steel pipe fittings are standard.  Other alloys are available on request. Complete range of Flolok Valves consisting of small bore, ball, needle, check, plug, and purge valves, as well as quick connect couplings, Tee type and Inline filters  
SSP Today: 

-A Leader in Operational Excellence 
-Specializing in Stainless Steel and nickel-based alloy fluid system components and assemblies 
-Delivering faster than our larger competitors, and with more precision and control than our smaller ones 
-Emphasizing "Best Value" in our product and service delivery process    
ssp_griplok ssp-trufit ssp=flolok Duolok1

Steriflow Video

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