Updated RINA Approval

For many years now WEKA has been a strong partner in the ship building business. Countless ships are
roaming the seas and many of them do have WEKA level gauges mounted on to their tanks insuring easy
readability and reliable function. Depending on the purpose of the vessel there can be as many as 50 level
indicators on board.
Before launching, ships must undergo a complicated process of certification and many notified bodies are
making sure that the vessel is according to specifications and standards so security can be insured.
As part of our excellence, WEKA has many permanent approvals with most important notified bodies for
the distribution of our products in to the ship building industry.
RINA SERVICES S.p.A., placed in Genoa-Italy is one of these entities delivering services of
classification, certification, testing and inspection to guarantee excellence to
organisations in the marine, environment and energy, infrastructures, transport and
logistics, quality and safety sectors.
We are happy to announce that our type approval certificate from RINA has recently been updated. It is
valid until 14th January 2021.
SmartLine, all StandardLines and Top of Tank units are covered in this approval as well as magnetic switches
31130 (SPST) and 31160 (SPDT).

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