Accutrons new product launch

Pro Series
The future of Mine Ventilation Automation.



Accutron Pro Series Brochure V2

The Accutron Pro Series is the Future of Mine Ventilation Automation. Easily monitor airflow,
temperature, pressure, humidity, toxic gas concentrations & more. Connect any other
Modbus RTU devices to the Accutron Pro. Convert data to a variety of protocols for simple
network integration.


The Accutron Pro combines the power of the FlowTrax with the versatility of
the CommTrax, all in one small package.

  • Easily monitor a wide range of
  • Convert data to a variety of
    protocols for simple network
  • Our new transducers are smaller in
    design & can now be daisy-chained.


Our Pro series uses a completely overhauled transducer design to make installation
much easier. Our transducers provide more feedback to the system to let you know
when faults occur. The system provides live alerts when a transducer is bumped out of
alignment. The transducers also allow you to tap on them to activate the laser pointer to
help with aligning the sensors during installation.

  • The Pro Web based interface allows users to
    easily manage and configure your devices.
  • Actively monitor your station. See real time velocity & mass flow
    outputs. Configure your dashboard to display the information you
    need, at a glance.
  • Remotely run system diagnostics and check for errors.
  • Download system data directly from the web server.
  • Effortlessly map or re-map Modbus registers.
  • Works with any mobile, laptop or desktop to effortlessly
    access the Pro web pages locally or from any
    network access point.



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