Communication and Control

Commtrax - Modbus RTU to TCP/IP, Sensor Protocol Converter


COMMTRAX™ is a compact protocol converter that acts as a server, collecting data from various MODBUS RTU devices and distributing it at a low Bandwidth within a single register package. The Modbus TCP port can operate as both client and server (master and slave). In addition, COMMTRAX™ can use threshold rule templates to continuously monitor modbus data and generate SNMP Traps upon sensing “alarm” conditions. As a Modbus to Modbus gateway, COMMTRAX™ can map multiple RTU devices to a single Modbus TCP server map.

I/OTRAX™ 1 & 2 Digital & Analog I/O Module

IO Trax 1and2

The I/O TRAX™ is a flexible and affordable solution designed to connect, monitor and control field-remote devices.The I/O Trax system allows a users to install remote field I/O devices without having to invest in any other controllers. The I/O Trax is an affordable and practical distributed I/O system. This small modular device is easy to install to machinery or application components – saving time, troubleshooting, and excess field wiring.

Accutron Mine Communication System - The all-in-one communication solution


AMCS – The all-in-one communications solution.
The Accutron Mine Communication System is designed to help old instruments stay connected with the latest communications. The Accutron Mine Communication System is an all-in-one communications solution linking your analog 4-20 mA signals and Modbus RTU protocols to your communications networks.

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