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    purchase of impulse lines, valves, manifold
    1 Perf. unit
    (1) impulse line: 14mm diameter;6m length ;carbon steel
    (2)manifold:5 way manifold operating pressure:6000 psi
    operating temperature:200 degrees
    (3) hand valve with bleed needle operating pressure:10 psi operating temperature:200 degrees316SS
    (4) 14MM union fittings
    The item covers the following services:
    1. impulse line 14.2mm diameter, carbon steel
    QTY 20 EA
    2. 5 way manifold A5788;6kpsi; 200C; 316SS
    QTY 10 EA
    3. stator DO analyzer valve 316SS;8psi;200c
    QTY 10 EA
    4. 14mm union fittings
    QTY 20EA

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