Nova Analytical Systems

Nova Analytical is a division of Tenova
Tenova at a glance
Tenova is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products, and services for the metals and mining industries providing innovative, integrated solutions for complete process areas.

Metals products and technologies include:

• Fully integrated electric arc furnaces steel making from iron and scrap up to liquid steel;
• Thermal processing from reheating to heat treatment of high quality flat and long products;
• Processing of metal strips from hot strip mill down to all final products;
• Cold rolling mills and auxiliary equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous flat strip products;
• Fully automated roll shops for hot strip and cold mills.

Mining & Minerals technologies and services include:

• Engineering and EPCM Services covering the entire value chain and commodities
• Mining, handling, storage, loading and unloading of bulk materials from mines to the end users of iron ore, coal, copper, and others;
• Comminution equipment such as SAG and ball mills.
• Mineral processing and solid/liquid technologies such filtration, sedimentation, clarification, screening and flotation;
• Hydrometallurgy solutions covering: Leaching, Solvent Extraction and Electro-winning, Beneficiation, Purification and Acid Plants;
• Complete high-capacity submerged arc furnaces and smelting plants for ferroalloys, base metals, slag cleaning, and alloy refining;
• Combined process automation and metallurgical know-how enhance the value delivered to the customers.

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