About Druck


Since 1972, Druck products have successfully applied technological innovation and application focus to a diverse and demanding world of pressure. Druck manufactures and delivers a comprehensive range of pressure sensors and related test/calibration instruments for the field, workshop and laboratory used a diversity of applications from aerospace to subsea and from industrial to medical.

Silicon technology has a high profile and BHGE’s Druck business is an established world leader amongst the proliferation of suppliers. Our Druck silicon sensing technology is robust, compact and provides excellent performance characteristics. It is readily adapted for a multitude of demanding applications in many different industries. For very low pressure applications, an inductive sensing technology has been specifically developed. This features a “dry cell” construction for wet/wet media compatibility.

BHGE’s Druck business has one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced silicon engineering and processing facilities . It is one of only a few companies worldwide converting raw silicon into finished products, by employing techniques such as micromachining.

Multi-disciplined engineering teams are also experienced in the use of hybrids, ASICs, microprocessors and surface mount technology. Together with packaging design, product qualification and manufacturing capabilities, we can provide a complete solution for pressure measurement.

Druck supports its products worldwide through local accounts managers, regional product specialists and application engineers. A global network of Services facilities is available providing nationally accredited calibrations and pressure training courses.