Druck DPI 705 E series

Meet DPI705E - A New Pressure and Temperature Indicator

Druck is pleased to announce our new Druck DPI 705E Series of handheld pressure and optional temperature indicators are coming soon.


DPI 705E series combines a tough and durable design with accurate and reliable pressure or temperature measurements. Compact and easy to use, the DPI 705E series is designed for single handed operation.

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In addition to the internal pressure sensor available with pressure ranges from 25 mbar to 700 bar, a connection port is provided for external Plug and Play sensors. Druck’s PM 700E external pressure sensor is available to purchase as a fully compatible complimentary accessory and is automatically detected when plugged into the DPI 705E using a 2.9m cable, which is supplied when the PM 700E is purchased.

The PM 700E external remote pressure sensor covers a range of pressures from 25 mbar to 1400 bar in Absolute, Gauge or Differential configurations. With a wide span of pressure ranges offered via internally or via optional remote pressure sensors which hold their own calibration data, a single DPI 705E allows you to swap pressure ranges in seconds.

As well as being a pressure indicator, the addition of Druck’s RTD-PROBE (Remote Temperature Detector) supplied with a class A stainless steel 6-inch / 150mm PT100 probe is also available to purchase. This fully compatible accessory is automatically detected when plugged into the DPI 705E for the purpose of measuring temperature (also compatible for use with DPI 620G or DPI 620G-IS).

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