Eclipse® Model 706 Enhancements


Magnetrol is pleased to announce the release of several exciting enhancements to the Model 706 Guided Wave Radar (GWR) transmitter.

Even as our sales and installed base for the Model 706 continues to grow, we are always committed to complementing our premier product to address customer needs across all of our targeted end markets.

Model 706 Adapter

As you remember, the Model 706’s improved signal strength, high Signal-to-Noise ratio, and overall advanced performance and diagnostics capability all required a new probe offering to accompany the release of the Model 706 transmitter back in January 2013.

Although the lack of backward compatibility was not ideal, doing so allowed us to offer the best performing GWR transmitter on the market, with no concessions.

Understanding that may be inconvenient for a customer to remove a probe from his process in order to take advantage of the power of our flagship product, we now offer an adapter that will allow one to install a new Model 706 transmitter onto an existing Model 705 probe!

Model 7yS – High Temperature Steam Probe

Several changes have been made to the Model 7yS Steam probe.

  • The process seal specification has been increased from +345°C to +370°C which now opens this probe up to more applications.
  • A “spacer-less” design has been implemented into the standard product offering, meaning there is no longer any need to specify spacer material for probes up to 305 cm.
  • New Condensation Controlled Technology (CCT) has been incorporated into the standard probe offering, reducing condensation that can accumulate on the steam target and possibly adversely affect the steam compensation.

Rated to +370°C and 207 bar, the Model 7yS is the go-to solution for all of your saturated steam applications.

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