Flowtrax™ - Ultrasonic Airflow Monitor


Accurate, real-time airflow monitoring systems designed for mine ventilation optimization. The leader in ultrasonic airflow technology providing highly accurate measurements for velocity, direction and volume of air movement in demanding mining environments. Use FlowTRAX as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control in underground mines. FlowTRAX gives you access to primary and auxiliary fan airflow as well as drift and tunnel airflow monitoring

Flowtrax LR

Flowtrax LR
Long Range Ultrasonic Airflow Monitor
Our Long Ranse Sensor is used in applications where airflow is to be measured across long distances. This includes road tunnels, salt mines, room and pillar.
The Long Range Sensor is designed to accurately measure airflow over long distance runs, wide tunnels, and large cross-sectional measuring areas.

Flowtrax IS

Flowtrax IS
Our Intrinsically Safe FlowTRAX system was designed for coal mines. Compliant with IEC standards, as well as CSA and UL approved. Use Intrinsically Safe FlowTRAX as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control in underground coal mines.

CLIMATRAX™ Multivariable Environmental Monitor

An affordable environmental monitor with temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, designed for harsh industrial environments. Multivariable Environmental Monitor. Always know the climate in your mine with the all-in-one sensor. CLIMATRAX™ provides accurate and real time measurements of your air quality. This helps you determine efficiencies of automated processes in your ventilation control and energy management systems. They can be implemented in both industrial and commercial settings.

MAQS™ Mine Air Quality Station


A comprehensive ventilation monitoring station, the all-in-one instrumentation solution built for underground mines. The MAQS is an affordable and complete underground mine ventilation monitoring station. Monitor your working environments, integrate and communicate with remote devices, automate your ventilation process. This flexible, low-cost instrumentation is designed to function with your existing monitoring software applications and communication infrastructure. Automate your underground mine processes, optimize ventilation, and improve health and safety all while reducing energy consumption.

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