Gas, Dust And DPM Sensors


SENTRO 1 – Universal Gas Detector 

Designed for mining and tunneling environments. Sentro 1 is the world’s foremost fixed gas detector for hazardous location gas detection. At the heart of Sentro 1 is the eModule; intelligent standardised gas sensing modules to cover a range of toxic and flammable gases. Dynamic and historic data is stored within each module together with the condition of the gas sensing element and its service history.

SENTRO 8 – Multi-Gas Monitoring Station 

Designed for mining and tunneling environments. The Sentro 8 can simultaneously monitor the concentration of up to eight different gases making it a multi-gas detector, together with levels of ambient temperature, ventilation, air velocity or any choice of remote connected sensors that you require. Applications: Underground storage areas, Underground transportation, Conveyor systems, Water utilities, Pump stations, Machine monitoring, Ventilation systems

AIRXD™ - Dust Monitoring


The AIRXD is a highly accurate, low-cost real-time dust monitor that enables users to maintain safe working conditions at all times, ensures that mandated Permitted Exposure Levels (PELs) are not exceeded. The units are simple, durable and lightweight and contain no moving parts or consumables. There are no filters or pumps and post-shift laboratory analysis is not required. The first of its kind. The new AirXD Dust Monitor allows you to instantly detect the precise content of respirable dust in the atmosphere so appropriate actions can be taken to stay safe and to ensure a fully protected environment from dust related health hazards.