NEW METPOINT MCA, Flexible Compressed Air Checks, Lower Electricity Costs.

Flexible Compressed Air Checks with the new METPOINT MCA


With all METPOINT MCA options, the residual oil content of the compressed air can be measured, analysed and documented via the integrateddata logger. In addition, the mobile measuring unit can be equipped with a high-precision particle counter and/or a case with additional sensors for recording humidity, volume flow, pressure and temperature. The device therefore has a high degree of modularity for customer-specific requirements and will be delivered assembled. Not only onward selling is an option, you might also consider adding your own measuring unit to your inventory: This allows you to carry out your own quality checks at the customer’s and give him recommendations for optimizing his compressed air quality. 

Lower Electricity Costs thanks to Use of Existing Heat

Possibilities such as intelligent heat utilisation and the use of the high-performance adsorbent Sorbead ecoturn the EVERDRY into a real energy saver. The brochure gives you an overview of all ECO options using an EVERDRY FRA-Vplus as an example and shows how companies can achieve energy savings of over €8,000 per year with the Sorbead filling. Check the Sorbead savings potential of your customer now and simply send us his model name or serial number!

Energy Loss due to Leaky Condensate Drains

Each BEKOMAT achieves as much as 378 Trees

More and more we are being affected by climate change: The destruction of trees releases carbon dioxide that is harmful to the environment, and at the same time the reduced forest area deprives the environment of the possibility of sustainably binding CO2 from combustion processes. In the calculation example we show that a single BEKOMAT saves as much CO2 by avoiding leakage as 378 trees are needed to bind the same amount. A simple measure to relieve ecology and economy! 

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