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ILR Laser - Narrow Beam Laser Range Finder

LR Lazer

ILR Laser – Narrow Beam Laser Range Finder

Designed for mining, the flexibility to go beyond.
Laser Range Finder is designed and built with the technology to provide enhanced functionality and accuracy in harsh and demanding environments.
These measurements can be used for traffic monitoring, collision avoidance control, and level monitoring

MINICAL™ - Gas Detector Calibration


Gas Detector Calibration in the Palm of Your Hand
The MiniCal is a revolution in calibration gas technology. We’ve addressed reactive component fade, shipping and transportation hassles, and disposal (just send it back to us to get your deposit back!) by designing the best calibration gas cylinder of all time. The MiniCal saves you money, time (also known as money), and keeps your gas in the palm or your hand.