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Panametrics has been a pioneer in the sensor technology industry for more than 50 years. With an innovative culture, we continue to develop solutions for moisture, oxygen, liquid flow, and gas flow measurement. Our proven technologies are widely known across many industries including oil & gas. Some of our other technology breakthroughs include: 

  • Industry standard for moisture analyzers 
  • Standard for mass flow measurement in flare applications 
  • First all-welded metal, ultrasonic transducer for gas flow applications 
  • First ultrasonic meter in natural gas


1960 – David Chleck, Charles Ziegler and Edmund Carnevale founded Panametrics

1967 – Aluminum Oxide Probe Hygrometer was first commercialized

1972 – Charles Ziegler left Panametrics to become a faculty member of Brandies University

1979 – Panametrics introduced its first commercial Contrapropagation Transit Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter

1984 – Panametrics and Exxon collaborated to introduce the Ultrasonic Flare Gas Flowmeter

1987 – The Relative humidity line was introduced

1990 – General Purpose Gas Flowmeter and the Microprocessor-based Flare Gas Flowmeter were introduced 

1991 – Thermal Conductivity Analyzer was introduced

1992 – First ultrasonic continuous emissions monitor was introduced

1993 – TransPort PT868: Innovative, lightweight Portable Liquid Flowmeter was introduced

1994 – Range gated doppler, Transflection®, was introduced 

1995 – The Bundle Waveguide Transducer System for High temperature and pressure applications was introduced

1996 – The Natural Gas meter and General Purpose Gas meters for 1 or 2 path were introduced

1999 – Introduced first in class ultrasonic transmitter for General Purpose Gas Flow Transmitter and Steam Flow Transmitter

2001 – World’s first clamp-on gas flow meters released with transit time technique

2001 – The AquaTrans AT868 compact, economical water ultrasonic liquid flowmeter introduced. The new Transport PT878 flowmeters and The UPT878, a plastic ultra high purity low-flow flowmeter were introduced

2002 – Panametrics became part of GE’s Energy Management Services Business

2003 – PanaView was introduced

2004 – World’s first loop-powered clamp-on meter was introduced

2004 – The DigitalFlow CTF878, world’s first tag correlation, clamp-on gas meter was introduced

2004 – PanaFlow Meter System was introduced along with the Sentinel gas custody transfer meter

2007 – The PanaFlow Multivariable Vortex Flowmeter was launched to withstand high temperatures with calculated mass flow with integrated pressure and temperature

2010 – Four path Sentinel liquid meter for custody transfer and high accuracy launched and flare meters had significant boost in flow range and performance

2012 – PanaFlow HT, first SIL2 and SIL3 ultrasonic flow meters available, for high temp liquids

2014 – PanaFlow Z3 three beam liquid meter launched.

2014 – AquaTrans AT600 was introduced with digital protocols, replacing the AT868

2016 – flare.IQ launched for flare optimization

2017 – Sentinel LCT8 high accuracy, custody transfer liquid meter launched for short straight run applications

2017 – Transport PT900: wireless, portable ultrasonic flowmeter was introduced

2017 – Became part of BHGE

2017 – PanaFlow Z2 for high pressure liquid applications, and PanaFlow Z2G for gas process were introduced

b2018 – Aurora Transport portable TDLAS moisture meter launched

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