About Us

Process Control Instrumentation

OIH Instruments & Controls is a leading supplier of Field Process Control Instrumentation in South Africa and the African market. We represent branded global manufacturers of proven and tested quality products. As a result we provide excellent support to our clients.

We supply a wide variety of field control systems, shut-off valves, analyser systems for gas, moisture and liquids as well as explosion protection systems for dust and gas.


OIH Instruments & Controls has a management team with 36 years operating experience in the Field Process Control Instrumentation market. In addition the business has a strong sales and distribution team with market leading expertise and experience. In South Africa there are branch offices in Secunda, Vanderbijlpark, Cape Town and Natal as well as distribution partners in other areas. Our footprint covers Africa.

In conclusion we are a well managed and experienced team in the field of process control instrumentation

OIH is a Level 2 BBBEE certified company 

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