3500/05 System Rack

The 3500/05 System Rack holds all 3500 monitor modules and rack power supplies, allowing modules to communicate with each other, with System 1 software and power supplies to distribute power to each module as needed. The 3500 system rack is an integral part of the Bently Nevada Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) suite for steam turbines.

Each monitor occupies a single slot out of 14 available in the rack. Monitors are microprocessor-based and offer digitally adjustable Alert and Danger setpoints for each channel. Alarms can be configured for either latching or non-latching operation.

Status indications for each monitor are provided by front-panel LEDs, allowing observation without operator interaction for convenient operation.

Most monitors provide independent 4 to 20 mA proportional outputs for each channel of the I/O module for connection to associated industrial systems.

Where applicable, the I/O modules provide transducers with appropriate power via short-circuit-protected terminals. OK detection routines within each monitor continuously check the integrity of each transducer and associated field wiring.

Transducer input signals are buffered and sent to front-panel BNC connectors for all monitors except the 3500/60, /61, /65 (temperature) and /62 (process variable) monitors.

• One or two 3500/15 Power Supplies (required)
• 3500/22M Transient Data Interface (TDI) Module (required)
• One or more 3500/XX Monitor Modules (required)
• One or more 3500/32M (4-channel) or 3500/33 (16-channel) Relay Modules (optional)
• One or two 3500/25 Keyphasor* Modules (optional)
• One or more 3500/92 Communication Gateway Modules (optional)
• Input/Output (I/O) Modules (required)
• 3500/94M VGA Display (optional)
• Internal or external intrinsic safety barriers, or galvanic isolators for hazardous area installations (optional)
• 3500 System Configuration Software (required)

How does it work?

The rack provides slots for two Power Supplies and a TDI in the left-most rack positions that are reserved exclusively for these modules. The remaining 14 slots in the rack can accommodate any combination of monitor, display, relay, Keyphasor module, and communication gateway modules.

All modules plug into the rack’s backplane and consist of a main module and an associated I/O module. The I/O module installs at the rear of the rack for panel-mount systems, and above the main module for bulkhead-mount systems.

Standard rack depth is 349 mm (13.75 inches), while bulkhead mount rack depth is 267 mm (10.5 inches). NEMA 4 and 4X weatherproof housings are available when required for environmental protection or when purge air is used.