DewPro® MMY245 Moisture Analyzer

The DewPro MMY245 moisture analyzer is a convenient, portable instrument that can quickly spot check the performance of gas dryers for compressed air, breathing air, SF6 gas used in in power switches, and pure gas supplies. The planar capacitive sensor combines accurate dew point measurement with fast response time. The sensor is stored in a very dry environment within the analyzer between measurements, which speeds response time.

• Convenient, portable analyzer measures dew point within gases
• Planar capacitive sensor stored within desiccant chamber for fastest response
• Simple to switch sampling between dry storage environment and process stream
• Pressure dew point measurement range of -148°F to 68°F (-100°C to 20°C)
• User-selectable moisture measurement units
• Fully portable_powered by four common “D” batteries with automatic shut-off feature
• Two non-Intrinsically safe voltage outputs
• Optional pressure sensor

How does it work?