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compressed air measurement

Measurement technology | METPOINT® OCV compact

Oil contamination can affect compressed air processing systems in
many different ways, posing a danger to the safety of workers, the
environment and the production equipment. Monitoring systems
such as the METPOINT® OCV compact continuously monitor the
compressed air flow with great precision, measure the residual oil
vapour concentration and thus provide accurate data for the analysis
and control of your compressed air quality





Humidity in compressed air is a well-known problem and can lead to severe consequential damage. In particular in demanding applications, malfunctions in production plants can have serious consequences. Costly standstills and increased expenses for deficient products and quality assurance quickly add up.

With the temperature, the relative humidity and the dew point , mobile and stationary dew point measuring devices made by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES precisely measure the critical parameters in compressed air and other gases.





The precise measurement of the actual flow rate provides the foundation for various analyses, documentations and decisions in connection with compressed air systems.
Possible overloading (e.g. excessive air velocities) or malfunctions can be quickly and reliably detected and this permits economically optimized dimensioning of the plant components..
An important economic factor considering that every third compressor only runs to
compensate for the loss of air!
METPOINT® FLM can be simply and quickly installed – even under pressure conditions. With its variety of interfaces it is easy to integrate into existing process control






Minor cause – major effect. Small leaks can already make up a large part of the costs for compressed air. Leakage rates of 30 % are not a rarity. In times of rising energy prices, huge amounts of money are quickly „blown into the air“ in this manner.
A remedy to this is the small and easily operable METPOINT® LKD Leak Detector. With this device, the leaks in the system can be detected within a short time. Therefore, short-notice pinpoint maintenance is possible.





METPOINT® OCV continuously monitors the residual oil content of the flowing compressed-air. Samplings and time-consuming laboratory analyses are no longer required. Moreover, the acquisition costs of a METPOINT® OCV system are insignificant compared with the consequential costs of a production stop.



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