condensate processing

Condensate Processing

One litre of oil contaminates 1,000,000 litres of ground water. Therefore, the legislator stipulates professional and responsible handling of emulsified condensates and oil-contaminated industrial wastewater which accumulate during many production processes. Condensate Processing according to purely physical gravitational separation is not sufficient.


The BEKOSPLIT® splitting system has already proven itself internationally with regards to the reliable, economical and company-internal condensate processing of stable emulsions.  In addition, it offers system-related advantages as far as cost structures and efficiency are concerned:

No aggressive cleaner
Lower energy consumption
Low investment requirements
Longer maintenance intervals



A more economic solution for an environmentally sound condensate processing management is the decentralised oil-water separation directly at the source. Condensate which was processed with ÖWAMAT can be directly introduced as cleaned water into the sewerage system. The devices have a national technical approval and do not require a permit according to the law on water.
In addition, the ÖWAMAT oil-water separators do not create any energy costs, boast enormous filter service lives and can be retrofitted into older systems without difficulty.

With this, the ÖWAMAT meets the highest demands on sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



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