beko process technology

Beko Process Technology

Beko Process technology

Production processes can be optimised with the path-breaking beko process technology . Economic plant operation, reduced cycle times and an increase in productivity are only a few of the advantages.



Capacity bottle-necks, increasing cost pressure and rising quality requirements are all demands which require the most modern plant engineering available, both in the high-tech field and in harsh industrial application. In many production processes cooling is often critical.
Increased economic viability and better quality. BEKOBLIZZ® is the deep-cooling system which delivers extremely dry compressed air at very low temperatures
constantly down to below -35°C / -45°C. with the latest in state-of-the-art technology.






Intensive development work to exploit the potencial of catalyst technology has resulted in the BEKOKAT® – a device that combines superior efficiency with high reliability.
The new BEKOKAT® represents a real breakthrough offering truly oil free compressed air from lubricated compressors without compromise.




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