Explosion Isolation

SRD 006 - Fike Corp
Chemical Explosion Isolation is achieved through a rapid discharge of a chemical explosion suppressant to prevent the flame from continuing through to other areas of your process system.
explosion isolation 1
Designed to close within milliseconds of detecting an explosion, Fike’sExplosion Isolation Valve (EIV) prevents the spread of flames and pressure (in both directions), effectively preventing an explosion from moving through your process piping or duct work.
ValvEx® is an explosion isolation valve that prevents explosions from spreading through industrial installations. ValvEx® is a ‘passive’ valve, meaning it is closed by the explosion pressure itself. Unlike most valves, it resets itself automatically after an explosion event.
The Fike Explosion Isolation Pinch Valve (EIPV) consists of a heavy duty cast valve body containing a rugged elastomer sleeve. Upon explosion detection, compressed air is released at high speed and within milliseconds the sleeve is “pinched” to full closure, stopping explosion propagation beyond the valve.
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