Electromagnetic Flowmeters (Induction)

Electromagnetic flowmeters (Induction)

Polaris™ flow meters

Polaris™ flow meters use the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure volumetric flow of conductive liquids
When a conductive liquid flows past the electrodes inside the sensor, a voltage is generated. This measured voltage
is proportional to the flow velocity.
Throughout water and wastewater plants there is a need for water and sludge flow measurement. Knowing
what is flowing throughout the plant and its processes is essential to maintaining an efficient operation.
POLARIS flow meters have current, pulse and alarm outputs that are configurable through the display or a DTM.
Forward and reverse flow rates are measurable with the capability of empty pipe detection.


Battery Powered Electromagnetic flowmeters (Induction)

Flow Meter 45
Battery powered flow meter
This battery powered flow meter was developed
for placing in spaces without supply voltages and
it is ideal to be fitted in main pipelines, drainage or
various sewage conduits.



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