Mine Ventilation Monitoring

Mine Ventilation Monitoring

clima2 mine ventilation monitoring

Climatrax – Underground Climate Assessment

The Climatrax CLM-1 is an all in one instrument for underground climate assessment. The unit displays Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure and calculated* wet bulb temperature. Accurate wet-bulb temperature is important in determining heat stress level, in the underground working environment.





Air Flow – Drifter Tunnel Airflow

Accurate real-time air flow monitoring systems designed for Mine ventilation Optimization. 

Accutron Instruments Inc. has pioneered the development of ultrasonic airflow sensors over the past 10 years. Our research and development program has resulted in the Accutron Series products, for use in extremely harsh mine environments. Accutron products have proven themselves over the years as rugged and reliable, in some of the world’s most difficult underground mining applications.




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