Float Level Switches



Model T20

Model T20 units utilize a single switch mechanism and float. These are simple and reliable float switches designed for top mounting on virtually any process or storage vessel.





Tuffy II

The Tuffy® II Liquid Level Switches are float-actuated devices designed for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel through threaded or flanged pipe connections. The compact size allows for installation in small vessels, while its many features provide a variety of application uses. The single switch mechanism is available in SPDT or DPDT forms on units designed for fixed or adjustable, narrow or wide differential and interface service levels.





model t10 float level switch

Model T10

The T10 float level switch offers industrial and municipal users a low-cost solution to wide differential level applications. The moving ballast causes a flipping motion of the float to provide positive switching action even under turbulent conditions. Recommended for use in either clean or dirty liquids, it is ideal for use in sump control and wet well applications.




economic level switch

Sika Economic Level Switch

Convincing Advantages

Easy and reliable method to monitor fluid levels , Proven float principle, Easy side installation using threads

3/4″ or 1/2″ BSP, Potential-free contact as signaling transmitter

Sika-level controller in service as

Run dry protection for pumps (minimum alert)
Spill protection (maximum alert)
Leakage monitoring
Screwed-connection oil level monitoring gauge, e.g. at compressors



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