Magnetic Visual Level Indicators



Weka Visual level Indicators

  Single-pole Magnet System

The Weka VLI operating principle is based on the use of a permanent bar magnet system which ensures the safe and reliable activation of visual indication elements (flags), switches and transmitters, even when used on thick-wall high-pressure indicator pipe.

  • Manufactured under license in South Africa



visual level indicator for petrochemical

Weka Visual level Indicators for Petrochemical applications

WEKA has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about design and manufacturing of indicators and sensors for special applications.We have many years of practical experience in the use of WEKA VLI LevelIndicators in chemical and other process industries, shipbuilding, thermal powerplants, hydraulic systems, railways, vehicular applications, petrochemical industries,and refrigeration systems, to name just a few.




Float Mechanisms for VLI’s

Diverse float types are available for the different applications

WEKA VLIs are ideally suited for plant startup operations. The indication functiondoes not require electrical power. The float principle makes this a direct method of level measurement, with definite level indication. The control functions of a VLI are independent of its display function. Therefore the level is always observable, even if the power supply fails.




transmitters for electronic indication


WEKA VLIs are available with an optional electronic transmitter to provide a continuously variable electrical signal that can be fed to a remote level indicator, PID controller, recorder or PLC. This can be in the form of a 3-wire (current or resistance) or 2-wire (current loop) output. These transmitters are available for media temperatures up to +350 °C. A choice of output connections are available: plug-in connector, terminal box, or pre-wired cable lead. Transmitters are optionally available for use in highly combustible atmospheres: either as intrinsically safe (EEx i) versions or with pressure-tight explosion-proof (EEx d) housings that conform to the European Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX).




switches Switches

WEKA VLIs are available with magnetic switches installed at the rear of the float chamber, actuated by the rear field of the bar magnet in the float. These switches add level detection functions to VLIs. The
switches may be connected directly to inputs of PLCs or computer-based systems,or through contactors for control of valves or pumps. The magnetic switches are bistable: each is latched in one state (open or
closed) on the first pass of the float’s bar magnet, and reset to the original state on the second (reverse) pass. The magnetic switches are available as on-off (SPST) or changeover (SPDT) types. The stainless steel housings allow them to be used in practically any type of environment, and with media temperatures up to +350 °C.




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