Ultrasonic Non Contact

Echotel 300/301
The Echotel Model 300/301 is a full-featured, powerful ultrasonic transmitter for measurement of liquid level, volume, or open-channel flow. Explosion proof approvals are standard for both the transmitter and transducer.

Echotel 335
Echotel Model 335 is a four-wire, integral mount, ultrasonic non-contact transmitter for liquid level, volume, and open channel flow measurement. Featuring advanced digital signal processing and a powerful transducer, this versatile transmitter provides exceptional measurement performance in a wide variety of applications.

Echotel 355
Model 355 is a loop-powered ultrasonic transmitter that performs liquid level, volume or open channel flowmeasurement. HART® communications are offered with a PACTware™ PC program for remote configuration and troubleshooting.