PTX/PMP 1400 series Depth/Level Submersible Pressure Sensors
The PTX/PMP 1400 Series of Industrial Pressure sensors have been designed for use with aggressive pressure media found in may industrial and process applications.
The stainless steel isolation diaphragm and fully welded stainless steel pressure module ensures excellent media compatibility without compromising the performance form GE’s own micro-machined silicon pressure diaphragm.
Integral electronics provide a three-wire 0 to 5 V (PMP 1400) or two-wire 4 to 20 mA (PTX 1400) output proportional to applied pressure.  Integral non-interactive zero and span controls ensure system interchangeability and ease of calibration.
The PTX/PMP 1400 Series incorporates developments from aerospace applications and volume manufacturing to achieve high performance with competitive pricing.  Ex-stock delivery is provided by holding a stock of compensated and calibrated sensors in DIN pressure ranges.
These sensors feature compact, rugged design with field proven electronics to ensure long term reliable measurement and low cost of ownership.