Beta Pressure and Temperature Switches

Over  40 years BETA designed and produced the best pressure and temperature switches for our customers.
This has given us valuable and detailed experience of industrial needs.
It resulted in a high quality OEM instrument: the BETAMINI.
The growing demand for high quality, reliable products has increased the need for better components.
No OEM can afford to be less than certain about the components behind his nameplate!
After all, weakest components determines your overall strength.
The “BETAMINI” fulfils the need for a high quality OEM Pressure, and Temperature switch with
build-in reliability.





800w-beta_pressure2 More than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of safety switches have resulted in the development of the “user-friendly generation” of our BETA Pressure & Temperature Switches.
Our products are distinguished by highest reliability and are used in virtually any sector of industry.
Highest quality and worldwide certification of our products for safety-critical applications ensure reliable monitoring of your plant, equipment or installation.
BETA safety switches are assembled according to your requirements and are available in more than 10 million versions.



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