Metal Butterfly Valves

Series 223/224: Resilient Soft Seated Butterfly Valve

The preferred Industrial Valves for Critical Applications and Processes.
Coreline Butterfly Valves Series 223/224 are reliable, maintenance-free shutoff and control valves with permanently gas-tight seal.  This valve has proved itself as a leakage-free and corrosion-resistant valve in various applications under most difficult operating conditions.
The safety and reliability of a valve is especially important when used for aggressive media-all components within the Coreline Butterfly Valves Series 223/224 have been designed accordingly. 

Series 211: Economic Resilient Soft Seated Butterfly Valve

Without pin design: Double D transmission between disc and shaft is strong and reliable.
Stainless steel retainer preventing stem blow-out.
Hard back ring keeping the rubber from seat distortion.
Multi-standard alignment holes suitable for various standard of flanges. For more information please contact us.


Series 225/226: 2PC Butterfly Valve

Coreline Series 225/226 2pc PTFE lined butterfly valves are used to shut-off, throttle and regulate highly corrosive gases, liquilds, slurries and powers providing a bubble tight shut-off. These valves are designed to handle a variety of applications in the semi conductor, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, food and beverage, sugar refining, sewage, air pollution control, oil and gas and shipbuilding industries. Coreline designed 2pc PTFE lined butterfly valve is therefore your best choice for controlling highly corrosive and abrasive fluids. For more information please contact us.


Series 263/264: High Performance Butterfly Valve

High Performance process valves for industrial applications.
Double eccentric bidirectional sealing.
Disc with eccentric spherical geometry.
Dynamic lip design of seat with zero leakage on both sides.
Low torque figures reduces cost for actuator and ensure longer lifetime.
Different packing options, including live loaded. For more information please contact us.


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