Gauge Valves and Pressure Gauge Accessories

gauge valve
AS-Schneider Gauge Valves are designed, manufactured and tested according to DIN 16270, DIN 16271 and DIN 16272. According to these
standards the valves are applicable for a maximum allowable pressure (PS) of 250 bar (brass) respectively 400 bar (carbon steel and stainless
steel) and a maximum allowable temperature (TS) of 120°C for liquids, gas or vapors.
The maximum allowable operating temperature of 120°C is considering the requirement that valves and measuring instruments need to be
protected against heating by hot media. This can be achieved by syphons or by instrument impulse lines with sufficient length. However the
AS-Schneider valves can be used for temperatures up to 300°C – PTFE up to 232°C, Graphite up to 300°C.

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