Low Pressure

Jordan mark 508 gas back pressure regulator

Mark 508 Gas Pressure regulator
The Mark 508/608 Series are low flow, low pressure regulators designed to maintain precise gas blanket pressure of storage tanks. Working together, the MK608 and 508 can help reduce nitrogen usage, preserve storage medium, increase safety and protect the environment.

jordan mark 608 gas pressure regulator

The MK608 Low Pressure Gas Regulators
The ideal valve for low pressure gas regulation.  The self-contained low pressure gas regulator is for use on tank blanketing, gas meter inlet pressure regulating, gas burners and other low pressure air and gas applications.  The MK608 is normally open.  Increases in the outlet pressure are sensed through the aspirator causing the large elastomeric diaphragm to rise, which moves the plug toward the seat.  As outlet pressure decreases, the diaphragm moves down and moves the plug away from the seat to increase flow.

The lever, which connects the stem to the diaphragm, amplifies diaphragm forces for tighter shutoff (only available on sizes 3/4″ through 1-1/4″).


Mark 608 Series – Gas Pressure Regulator
Mark 608 IS Series – Gas Pressure Regulator
Mark 608 DS Series – Low Pressure Double Seated Gas Regulator
Mark 608 BP Series – Balanced Plug Gas Pressure Regulators