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SSP Launches the New FB Series Floating Ball Valve

SSP Product Announcement – FB Series Ball Valves SSP is adding FB Series Ball Valve to its growing FloLok instrumentation valve product line.

FB Series valves offer a superior choice to customers with requirements for floating ball valves with a wider effective pressure range, easier actuation, better cycle life and higher overall product range than many options, including the SSP 300 series. FB Series will be offered in two body/orifice sizes.

Both sizes are available for immediate order. Valve Size Ball Orifice Cv 36 0.250 2.5 38 0.472 13.8 Product Design Below is a summary of product features and benefits. For more information please see the FB Series Catalog and Sales Presentation.

  •  Floating ball design allows upstream pressure to assist the ball in seating against the downstream seat.
  •  Live loaded PEEK seats improve sealing in high, low and dynamic pressure and flow conditions, while compensating for seat wear and reducing actuation torque.
  • O-ring stem seal and stem bearing work together to reduce torque.
  •  The three-piece design’s end screw construction provides a wide variety of end connection types and size combinations, including Duolok, Unilok and Griplok tube fitting ends, something no other manufacturer offers. This end screw design also supports the seat to prevent deformation under high pressure, and makes maintenance easier.
  •  Robust body and stem seals ensure a leak-tight envelope.
  •  Directional nylon handle has a stainless steel insert to improve durability.
  •  Drop-in replacement size for Swagelok AFS and SK series ball valves

Product Catalogue

Sales Presentation

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