SSP Instrumentation Fittings are fully interchangeable

SSP Instrumentation Fittings

How many times have you heard this from your current instrumentation valves & fittings supplier:

“Caution: Do not mix or interchange product components with those of other manufacturers.”

Sounds like someone wants you to believe there is only one choice when it comes to instrumentation valves & fittings. This is simply not true ­– but the fear does keep you bound to a single supplier that can then dictate terms, timelines, and price. It’s time you learned what they don’t want you to know.

Performance tested instrumentation valves and fittings from SSP can be used in place of  other domestic and international fittings suppliers on projects in every industry – Oil & Gas, Alternative Fuels, Chemical Processing, Aerospace, Defence, Shipbuilding, and Transportation just to name a few. SSP fittings are 100% made in the USA from their facility outside of Cleveland, Ohio and have been approved for use by thousands of Fortune 500 and SMB organizations in projects all over the world.

Be the star of the team and take back control of your instrumentation valve & fitting supply chain with 5 sigma quality components, negotiable pricing, and with 95% of products ordered available to ship in two days or less! If you’d like to speak with one of our instrumentation fittings experts about your requirements, contact OIH today.

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